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Why Do Celebrities ONLY Use Human Remy Hair

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Why Do Celebrities ONLY Use Human Remy Hair?

For decades now, both men and women have turned to Remy Human Hair Extensions for their use. Primarily they would use Indian Virgin Remy Hair because that is the most superior in quality and durability.

What is Indian Virgin Remy Hair?

Indian – because it has the best quality hair in the world, nothing can compare to the durability, texture, strength of this hair.

Virgin – when the hair is collected, it is untouched by any dye or any sort of steam process to make it one texture. This allows it to be malleable to any colors or textures that the stylist or the client wants to do.

Remy Hair – Remy Hair is very important because in order to use the hair for an extended length of time, using the hair that have cuticles running in the same direction allows the end user to wear it without any tangling, matting or any problems.

Remy Hair Secrets has been a long time used secret of stylists and celebrities. We have had many stars in both Hollywood and Bollywood use our products for their films, shoots or just daily wear.

Over the years we have started customizing texture of the hair as well. As previously we only offered only Virgin Indian Hair in colors 1 and 1B. This is because of all our hair comes from India, most of the women there have dark colored hair. Hence we did not process the hair and left the colors and textures intact. Over time we realized women wanted hair in more textures and colors. So we started to steam process our hair to make it all one texture. The process we used is with water and steam, where we take hair and create them all to Body Wave, Brazilian Curry, Indian wavy, whatever textures that women were asking for.

Remy hair secrets is a leading provider of Virgin and Steam Processed Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions . Be part of the Secret that celebrities have know about for years.


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