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How to Maintain Your Indian Hair!

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As many of you know, Indian Women have fabulously thick and voluminous hair. But how do they keep it like that?

Well there a few tricks of the trade. They use a lot of hair oils. Giving the hair moisture and always keeping it hydrated leads to less breakage and less falling. For centuries, Indian women have used a combination of Coconut Oil, Amla Oil and Mustard Oils. That might sound like a foreign concept to many but it is the reason for all the beautiful long locks!
Remy Hair Secrets will soon be providing Hair Oils straight from India. We will be helping all you women maintain your own hair or your extensions. We will keep you updated once the products are available.
Generally, a lot of women like to leave the hair oils on overnight, but we recommend to start with, to keep it on for a few hours. This way if your hair is overdry – it will adjust slowly to the moisture replenishment.
Remy Hair Secrets is pure Indian Hair and we source our hair from all the temples in India. The women in India donate their hair to the temples as a source of rejuvenating the ego and cleansing the mind and body. So we want to maintain the hair and keep it healthy!
Here are some of the oils we recommend for your Remy Hair:
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