Remy Hair Secrets

Why Our Hair Is So Important to Us

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Whether you are a blonde, brunette, redhead, or have multicolored hair, it makes a statement about you!  Hair is very important to a way a person expresses themselves and it makes us different from other people. You can style it, cut it , color it to whatever you want yourself to look like. It gives you an identity and if you were to lose your hair, you would lose a part of your identity.
If losing your hair is not life threatening and it is not  an essential part to daily life, why is it so traumatic when we lose it?  Both men and women have come to give so much important to a full head of hair that it is very stressful we lose it. People spend so much money in salons, buying hair products, changing their hair styles with the current trends, dying their hair a different color, that without it would take away a part of a persons identity.
In fact hair could be categorized as a social status as well, both men and women alike who keep their hair well kept and maintained show that they have spent a lot of money to maintain it and to make it look that way. A beautiful haircut means that you spend a lot of money on it, or a beautiful weave on a woman means that they can afford to wear only the best hair and not the cheap hair from the beauty supply stores.
Not only does hair also imply social status but also implies age.  Women and men like to look young. Keeping a full head of hair and keep it dark, or without white hair implies that you are younger and more beautiful. It also implies that you work hard to look that way. So in conclusion, we are what we do to our hair. It is a huge part of a persons identity and it can be very depressing when we don’t take care of it.  Always keep your hair looking good and using the best quality hair extensions such as the ones offered at Remy Hair Secrets.

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