Remy Hair Secrets

Why the Best Hair Extensions are Made of Indian Remy Hair

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Indian Women have long been known to have beautiful hair. When asked how they keep their hair in that condition, they usually say it is because of their genes. However some natural things that they do also add to its quality. They are always gentle with their hair, avoid blow drying it too often, They massage it with coconut, olive, or amla oil twice a week and they use very clear natural shampoos.

A lot of Indian women also use only natural products on their hair. Using too many shampoo’s, conditioners, mousses, hairsprays have too many chemicals in it and damage the hair. Also avocado is a good to put on the hair as a hair mask.  For all those women who purchase from us at Remy Hair, we want to give you a few inside tricks for keeping and maintaining your hair. Always brush softly and carefully. Keep your hair up or tied at nighttime when you sleep.  When going swimming, tie your hair up and try to cover your hair with something.  You cannot be rough with your Indian hair, it is a great luxury to wear such   a beautiful hair and we should try to maintaining it with care.  You are lucky to purchase hair that is already been maintained to Grade A quality!


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