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5 Easy Steps to Winter Hair Care

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Winter is harsh for your hair and for your skin. There are a few things that you can do to protect your tresses from getting damaged during these below 0 temperatures.

1.     Try not to overheat your hair – This stands true for all months of the year. We women cannot escape the clutches of hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons. But dring the winner these tools makes your hair even more damaged during the winter months. Try to use things like rollers, or try to use your heat tools much less than usual.
2.     Try to use a deep conditioner or leave in conditioner – The winter means that your hair will be dry and will be crackling. If you give it some nourishment as often as you can, your hair will be shielded from the cold.
3.     Use Hair Oil – Hair Oil is a miraculous cure to dry hair and to dry scalp. For all of you that get dandruff in the winter time because of the weather, apply some coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or anything good oil that you can find and put it on your scalp and your tresses. If you can put a hot towel on top of it , it will help it to be absorbed. You can also leave it overnight which allows it to penetrate longer.  Another bonus is that you can lather your body with it as well to keep it from crackling!
4.      Do NOT Use Very Hot Water – It may be hard in the winter, as when you jump in the shower you want to soak your hair in very hot temperatures, but try to avoid it if you can. Very hot water is not good for the hair and especially when your hair is already dry because of the cold.
5.     Try to Cover your Hair when you are Outside – The frigid temperatures affect your hair as much as it does your skin. A good idea is to always keep it covered when outside. Try using hats, hoods, scarves or anything that you can use to prevent it from getting dry in the weather. If you are using rough or wool hats, try to have a silk or satin lining in the inside to keep the moisture of your hair intact. Other fabrics might make the hair more dry.
Use these tips for flawless, healthy hair! Stay warm!

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