Remy Hair Secrets

3 Quick and Beautiful Hair Styles with Extensions

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1.     Keep it long and clean – Add clip in extensions to your own natural hair and it will enhance the volume and length. You don’t have to worry about making it look like your own texture because we sell them in all different textures and lengths. If you have Dark Brown Hair and curly, ask for Color 1B and Curly Clip In extensions:


2.     Put your hair in a braid – When you hair is too difficult to manage and you didn’t have any time to wash it, and it simply seems too oily and gross to do anything to it! Well there is a saving grace! Put in a Braid!! This is good for times when you have taken off your weaves and also when you are wearing your weaves:
3.     Put in a Ponytail- Hair extensions, keratin extensions and even if you are not wearing any extensions,. It is easy to keep your hair tied back and look stylish. However, you must not tug too hard if you are wearing extensions as you don’t want to pull at your own hair or your scalp that the extensions are connected to!

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