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How To Cut The Cost Of Hair Care Without Sacrificing Quality

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When times are tough, we look to cut things in our life that we find to be unnecessary or too expensive. Surely one of the items that gets cut is hair care and our hair care routines.

We at Remy Hair Secrets will provide you with a few tips to keep some bucks in your wallet, without your hair looking like it has!
Firstly, there are many different kinds of shampoos and conditoners that we use. A majoirty of the time we buy name branded products that we can find anywhere in the drug stores. These products are very diluted and you have to use quite a bit of the products to get anything done. You should try to look for products that are of salon quality. Even though they are a bit expensive to start with, they last longer and you use much less. So in turn, you are giving your hair better products and saving some money also.  You can many times buy proffessional products in larger quantities and also at better prices.
Try not to chemically treat or alter your hair. Once you bleach it, dye it and permanent relaxaers to it, etc need to do much more to take care of it. The process is costly and the after-care of it is also very expeinsve.
Try to take a day or two off without your products. Not only will it help with your pocket, it will also help your hair. Products are not good for the hair and too much of it will only lead to more damage. Try to use alternatives like pulling your hair into a ponytail or using a headband
When using conditioner, pour a small amount in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to distribute it and then run your hands through towel blotted hair.
•To make your conditioner go farther use it only on the hair that needs it. In longer hair, the ends will need conditioning. The root area or the hair that is newest will not need as much conditioning. After applying conditioner to the ends, work it toward the scalp without adding more product.
Try to use natural conditioners and moisturizers such as Hair Oils that we sell at Remy Hair Secrets. They will add a lot to your hair care routine and they are very inexpensive.
Take one small step at a time, give yourself a new budget and use some new ideas to make sure to stick to it!

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