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African American Women Say Hair Affects their Workouts

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A woman’s hair has always been a topic for discussion. However, nowadays we have seen many studies showing that close to 40% of African American women do not hit the gym because of their “hair.”  Engaging in physical activity regularly can make their fragile hairstyles harder to maintain!

 We at Remy Hair Secrets have some ideas for women to be a little more free with their hair and thereby allowing themselves to go to the gym or get a good workout.
Firstly, Indian Hair, for those of you who use weaves or our hair, is not likely to get ruined so quickly. So you can see that with the humidity of your workout, the texture will stay in tact.
Having said that, You can try to use hairstyles that don’t requre so much maintenance. Try to keep your hair in a bun, ponlytails, braids or wear a afro to make it a fuss –free hairstyle. When wearing Indian Hair, you can keep it straight or curly and you would just have to wash it to make sure there is not too much impurity buildup from the sweat.  This will also prevent damage ot the hair.
Another option for African American women who like to be physically active is to keep your hair short. Short hair, whether in its natural state, relaxed, or treated requires less maintenance, less breakage and easier to be in and out of the gym.
Don’t disregard working out just because you will have to take care of your hair afterwards. Taking care of your body and your health is more important than making sure your hairstyle stays intact! Try to use Indian Hair for your extensions as they provide better quality hair that is easier to manage.
If you do like elaborate hairstyles, try to keep them to the weekends and not during the week. Keep your hair during the week more easy to manage and simpler. Try to create a fitness routine that you can fit into your work schedule and your hair schedule! Don’t let your hair be just another excuse not to take care of your fitness.

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