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Winter Care For Nails

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Winter is tough on the skin, the hair and the nails. Previously we gave you a rundown of what to do to protect yourself from the winter blues and salvage your hair, your scalp and your hair extensions . Your hair also becomes dry and needs protection from all the frigid temperatures.
Now we are going to give you a few tips as to what to do to take care of your nails:
·      Firstly, try not to use polish removers during the winter months. They are extremely harsh on the nails and very drying. (Not to mention the fumes are toxic) Overly drying products include hand sanitizers as well as dishwashing liquid. (Wear the rubber gloves)
·      Since the nails tend to grow slowly during the winter, try to use a conditioning formula of some kind to make the nails moisturized. Massage it into the nails as well as the cuticles!! This will help to prevent overdrying and help your nails grow.
·      Wear Gloves! Gloves protect your hands from the snow and the cold. Similarly you should also try to cover your hair so that it is also protected from the winter and that your hair doesn’t become too dry with the cold.
·      Moisturize your hands and also do a hand and nail treatment once a week. This should keep your hands and nails nourished. Don’t be afraid to slather your nails. They can use it all!
Nails contain around 18 percent water.  The fact that the during the winter months, we are going in and out of hot and cold temperatures, inside and outside of the home, we lose water. Re-hydrate yourself and keep your skin, nails and hair moisturized!!!
Stay warm!

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