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What Are Keratin Tip Extensions and Who Should Wear Them

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Feel like having long hair and not waiting for your hair to grow? Feel like having thick hair and wondering how to do it? Well Keratin Extensions have become very popular. Many people ask how they are used? So we thought we would give you a brief explantion!

Anybody who wants to enhance the length, volume and overall appearance of their own hair can wear hair extensions. Hair extensions are safe for men, women, and children. They are safe and long lasting. They are not like clip-ins that have to be installed and removed on a daily basis.   Human hair extensions can be cut, curled and styled.
Keratin tip hair extensions are installed using a cold or hot fusion process. The extensions are installed by using a hook or loop, which is used to pull the client’s hair through a small micro ring. The keratin tip is then inserted in the micro ring and then pressed with cold fusion pliers closed. For hot fusion the keratin tip is heated with a heat wand to soften the keratin and rolled around the client’s hair to fuse with their hair and the keratin tip hair extension. The hair is then left to cool and set.

For a full head you may need between 100-200 strands depending on the thickness and length of your natural hair, and also how full you want the hair extensions to be. If you have fine hair, you could use 100-150 strands for a full head, however if you have thick hair, you may need up to 150-200 strands for a full head.

Keratin tip hair extensions come in I, U, V, Flat, and Nail Tip.  We At Remy Hair Secrets carry I –tip and U-tip. Each pack contains 25 pieces.


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