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Are you sick of using chemical based hair dyes? Well, millions of people are now done with the fad of using chemicals in all their products. There has been a shift to more organic, natural ways to treat all different problems and now there are also different ways to use hair dye without all those chemicals. Previously many have been using henna in their hair, which is an Indian natural hair dye that comes from a plant. They even started making it in different colors. But now we have studied and have found many alternate options besides henna that are making waves.

Some of these suggestions are are:
Light Mountain Dye. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color has been offering henna based dyes to the public since the 1980’s. Available in the basic colors (brown, blonde, red), it gently tints all hair types. Light Mountain works particularly well on gray hair. The only catch is that you can’t find this product in every store. Purchase it online at for just under $20.00. You get three bottles for that price.
Logona Henna Dye. This all natural hair product use henna to transform the color of your hair. Available in two colors only – one neutralizes blondes while the other colors brunettes – this hair coloring product is as gentle as they come. The coloring process only coats the shaft of the hair, which reduces any risk of damage. This coloring system is perfect for people with damaged hair from perms or chemically based dyes. Get this product from the Kaia House online for $14.00.
Eco Colors Hair Dye. Non-toxic and all natural, Eco Colors is a dye used by hair stylists all over America. However, it is available in a home kit as well. This gentle hair color is a concoction of lecithin, natural antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, nettles, rosemary, flower essence, grapefruit and seed extract. As a result, it not only colors, but also restores the health of your hair. Get it in every imaginable color. Order Eco Colors online or pick the product up at a professional hair vender for around $20.00.
L’Oreal’s Natural Match. This amonia-free, all natural hair coloring product gives a glossy sheen to dull damaged hair. Available in only brown and dark blonde, it uses only natural ingredients such apricot, pomegranate and jojoba oils. Get this product at your local drug store for just under $10.
Clairol’s Natural Instincts. This antioxidant-rich and ammonia-free hair color is almost all natural and just right for all hair types. Available in colors ranging from light blonde to dark black, Natural Instincts adds shine and tint to a person’s hair in as little as ten minutes. The darker shades are made from vitamin C&E and anti-oxidants. The lighter shades contain similar ingredients along with a low amount of peroxide. Purchase this hair dye for around $9 at your local drug store.
Hope this helps! And remember Remy Hair Secrets can provide you with any information that you need with you hair, your hair extensions or your beauty!

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