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Top Hair Color Choices For Spring 2013

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Spring is in the air!!! You want to do some spring cleaning, take out some open toe shoes, and change your look from the heavy winter and from all the dark hues.

Spring is the time to change your look and change your hair too! Popular Spring Hair colors  are always a little bit on the warmer side. Their tones and spectruem are in the hues of golden and warm colores
Make sure to change your hair according to your color of your complexion and your natural range of coloration.
For example, if you have ivory complexion skin with lighter eyes, you may not want to go far away from the blond family into the dark chestnut family (or color 1B or 1) will be too dark. Make sure that you stick to color 4 for example whch is still in the brown family, or even color 22 which is an ash blonde. Anything darker, and you will tend to look wasshed out. Just a few darker shades should do the trick.
Similarly, if you have dark eyes and you have a sliughtly olive or dark complexion, you don’t want to go too light. Making it a little lighter will add some glow to your face but too light (as in color 22 or 613) will look unnatural and make you look very aged.
Its always wise to go to a proffessional to pick your hair color. They have much more variety in terms of colors and also highlights that they can place to change your looks. Choose a stylist that has experience and whatever you do, stay away from the boxed chemical dyes!
Nothing makes you look and feel better than your hair! Try to use subtle changes to change your entire look.  The ambre technique where the bottoms are lightened as compared to the roots still seems to be very popular. It also makes the look more natural and doesn’t seem so harsh on the face.
Remember Remy Hair Secrets, can always do custom colors for your extensions! So email us at if you want any more information.
Happy Spring!

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