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Hairstyles For Hot Weather

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Sick of straightening or flat ironing your hair in the summer months….. Only to have frizzy and wavy hair even after that! Avoid damaging your hair with all these tools and products and get with the trend of using hair styles that will make you look great, stylish and clean in the summer months. For many the summer is a time where they go nuts trying to manage their locks but we have given you 3 basic trends that make you look fab and can be done in a jiffy!




Ponytails can be done on hair that is long enough to hold a pony elastic. Ponytails can be personalized to suit just about any type, texture or style of hair. Ponytail keep your tresses off your neck, ponytails are the go-to style for sticky hot days. Unfortunately, they also tend to look unpolished. However, adding a little extra oomph along the top gives an ordinary pony old-school charm that works for day or night. To get the look, use a small brush to tease a section of hair at the top of your head to create lift. Then gather strands into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. You can hide the elastic by wrapping a piece of hair around it and tucking ends underneath,. Lightly brush over the crown to smooth out any unruly pieces.





A beautiful braid displays both the beauty of your hair and your flair as a hairdresser to their best advantage with the minimum of effort. It looks intricate, but braiding is a simple skill, and, once your hands learn what to do, it is very quick.

By having your hair braided, you can certainly help your hair to appearance cool and beautiful. Also, it helps in protecting your hair by not allowing it to split ends .and thus can save money if you plan to braid your hair by your own or have some loved one do it for you instead of investing time and money in salon for having style over your hair. Achieving this braid is a cinch: Gather dry hair to one side just under your ear. Divide it into three sections and braid, securing the end with an elastic band. To make it more casual and undone-looking, leave a few wispy pieces out around your face.

A plain plait that corrals your strands becomes a hot weather staple—especially if you haven’t had time to wash your hair or are coming straight from the beach.




You know which hairstyles are considered protective, such as braids, weaves, twists and buns. some women simply find the idea of protective styling boring — but it doesn’t have to be. Once you discover the benefits of keeping your hair up and out of the way, at least on occasion, you may change your mind about this effective technique.

Our hair can rarely stand the type of manipulation so often depicted in commercials: the piling of the hair on top of the head to shampoo, the 100 brush strokes, etc. Instead, black hair tends to grow longer when left alone. Protective styles offer the low-maintenance that so often benefits this hair type, especially if longer lengths is one of your aims. wrap 1- to 2-inch sections of hair around a curling iron from end to root, so that the bottom of your hair has bounce. Repeat until your entire head is curled. Secure with an elastic band.


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