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When the skin on your scalp dies, it flakes off in tiny, microscopic bits, Dandruff  the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. Dandruff should not be confused with a simple dry scalp. Dandruff results from the same shedding of skin cells.

Here are a few healthy tips on how to get your hair dandruff-free!
1.      Wash your hair thoroughly at least three times per week. This is another quick and easy commonsense fix that is surprisingly effective.
2.      Take a tablespoon or two of Coconut oil  and massage it in to your scalp with your finger tips. Not nails, tips. Oiling your fingertips will help you get oil on the scalp, putting it in your palm tends to apply it to the hair on top.
3.      Eat healthy food, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. Just like lowering your stress levels, improving your overall health and well being will help not just with your dandruff, but in all aspects of your life.
4.      Keep doing the oil treatments, starting with every couple of days, and tapering off as symptoms improve. Once you have things under control, feel free to switch to a lighter oil, such as lighter olive oils, sweet almond, apricot, or jojoba.
5.      Save the heat styling and blow drying for really special occasions. Hot water, heat styling, blow drying. Cut back as much as possible on all these.
6.      Treat dandruff naturally just by going outside. Skin needs exposure to sunlight to stay healthy. Just getting a bit of sun on your scalp can help reduce dandruff. Just be very careful not to let your scalp burn.
7.      vinegar may help kill any bacteria that may be contributing to dandruff.
8.      A When the skin on your scalp dies, it flakes off in tiny, microscopic bits
9.     Hair oils, which can be purchased at Remy Hair Secrets, lift and dissolves the skin flakes

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